From time to time the need for a side project arises - here's where I'll leaving any potentially useful ones.


ConfigMapper is a tiny package which maps application config to strongly-typed objects with no magic strings. It enables this:

    int myNumber = Convert.ToInt32(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyNumber"]); 

to become this:

    int myNumber = Configuration.AppSettings.MyNumber; 

What's the difference?

ConfigMapper performs the type conversion automatically and doesn't use magic strings - find usages easily and rename without a fuss.

See the website at for more info, or head on over to GitHub for the source.


Generator of nice, human-readable GUIDs. A while back I needed to generate several GUIDs and then be able to easily recognise them later on. After generating a few with leetspeak, NiceGUID was born.

Try it for yourself at